Sunday, March 18, 2012

Milani Single and Quad eyeshadow

Hello pretties! How have you all been doing lately? I've been busy thinking if I should get a MAC eyeshadow palette or MAC brushes. But when I heard from youtube gurus that Milani have nice colors of eyeshadows which are pretty the same of MAC I went ahead and check google. Here are my top finds for you.

 They call this palette Exotic Berries I think that it's because most of the colors in this quad have pink shades. I haven't tried wearing all of the colors from this one and I feel excited to show how it looks. I apologize if I'm not able to take swatches of this. My camera washes off the color when I took the pictures. My favorite color here is the second one from the first row. It has a nice silver color with a little bit of pink shimmer on it but not too shimmery.

Next is what they call Sedona Sunset. I can use it when I want that neutral eye look.

I also have few single eyeshadow. From left: Almondine, Sheer Sand and Desert Sun.

From Left: Illusion and Limbo Lime

I'm excited to use all of these colors on my eyes. Have you tried Milani eyeshadows? Let me know what you think about it and share.

Sincerely yours,

Joy :)


  1. Have you tried the Milani Luminous blush? It's a dupe for Nars orgasm! :)

  2. I haven't tried any blush from Milani but I have Nars orgasm. Thanks for letting me know, I should try that!

  3. is Desert sun the same as the gold color in sedona sunset quad? please help :( I am searching everywhere for the golden color in the sedona sunset quad :(

    1. Hi there tothegood! Desert sun is not the same to the gold color in Sedona sunset. You can check the body shop shimmer cube pallete in #30. The golden color there quite resembles the gold in Sedona, if not better.