Thursday, March 7, 2013

Nichido Length and Curl Mascara

I have used this Mascara  for half a year so now I think it's time to bring this baby to the spotlight. Here is another review from a local brand Nichido, this time it's a mascara.

I was browsing through racks and racks of make-up looking for a perfect mascara that I can wear everyday. I don't want to spend too much for a mascara because they tend to dry up fast, that's base on experience from other mascaras I've tried. I was checking Nichido counter when the SA approached me. She gave me several mascaras to choose from. Others are just not for my liking because it doesn't hold curls or it make my eyelashes clumpy and heavy after application. She told me to try Nichido Length and Curl Mascara. She got me when she said that it doesn't  clump eyelashes and it won't dry fast. I gave it a try and I like it.

It holds curl and gives additional length to my eyelashes. It has small hairs that would stick to your eyelashes for added lenght but I haven't experienced it getting inside my eyes.

 It doesn't smudge even if I cry unless I wipe my eyes heavily. The brush is also just the right size, it coats all of the hairs even the small ones. It's just amazing how it could last for more than 4 months of daily use. This is already my second tube and I've been using it for more than 3 months.

Without Nichido Length and Curl Mascara

With Nichido Length and Curl Mascara
I got it for less than Php200.00 for 9.5ml of product. It's value for money, will definitely repurchase.

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