Thursday, March 14, 2013

Ellana Mineral Blush in Fulfillment

Hello lovelies! I went to the doctor today with my little baby for a flu vaccine. We've been having humid weather this week and it's the time of the year when many will get vaccinated to prevent various kinds of viruses that could be trasferred thru air. Remember, prevention is better than cure :)

For todays post I will be reviewing one of the few blushes I have in my collection. Do you have any item that you've been keeping but took it for granted because you have other stuff to be finish? Well I do., I've had this blush for over a year but just occasionally use it because I have other blushes to use. Until I saw it again in my make-up kit looking at me, begging me to use it.

With flash

Without flash
I got this blush from Ellana Mineral Cosmetics. I put my ordered online, paid for the item plus the shipping fee thru GCash then my products were delivered within 3 business days. It was an easy and fast transaction. I also credit Ellana because they give free simples, you just have to pay for the shipment. It's a great way of testing the product if it suits your skin or not.

I have this in color called Fullfillment, it is described as "watermelon peach with gold satin finish".

without flash

with flash
Fulfillment is often described as a dupe for Nars orgasm, I have both. Let me show you the swatches side by side.

With flash: R- Nars Orgasm L- Fulfillment

Without flash: R- Nars Orgasm L- Fulfillment
As you can see Nars is more on the peach side with noticeable gold shimmers while Fulfillment on the other hand has more pink undertone with gold satin finish. The golden color is less noticeable in Fulfillment. Without the heavy gold shimmer in Nars they would somehow look the same. You can check my full review here on Nars Orgasm.

The staying power is pretty good. I put my blush at 10am then check myself in the mirror just after 3pm. It is still noticeable that I have blush on although my face looks very oily ( I have extremely oily face). A little goes a loong-loong way in this blush. I apply it with a light hand because it's very pigmented. Too much product on the brush would make it hard to blend. It is easier to add that to remove with this product. Sometimes it gets a bit messy to apply because it comes in powder form but kudos to Ellana for including a sifter in the packaging.

Ellana currently has an ongoing sale on blushes and powders. The regular price for this is 120php per 1 gram and 180php for 2.5g.

Here is how it looks on my skin.

Thank you all guys for continously reading my blogs even if my english sucks sometimes but it really keeps me going when I see more of your comments. See you all again in my next post. Byeee! (waving)

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