Thursday, June 27, 2013

New Bath Companion from Watsons

Who doesn't love taking a bath? I live in the Philippines where it's very humid and the temperature can go up to 60 degree Celsius or even higher during summer. I have bath-time essentials which I use on a daily basis. I just recently run-out of my favorite body wash from The body shop, I first thought of buying new ones from Daiso just to give it a try but I decided to check Watson's first. I know they have body essentials like lotion, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, hand soap and even mouthwash at a very reasonable price. Some items are on Buy-one Get-one promo.

Watson's carry a lot of different products from head to toe. I have tried their mouthwash and Hair Spa. I must say that they work perfectly the same as the other brands with a higher price tag because of the expensive commercials and advertisements. My husband and I still use their mouthwash until now.

Here are my new bath-time companion from Watson's.

I currently use this deep moisturizing body scrub in raspberry. I love its smell, it's like a mix of raspberry and strawberry. This reminds of Nestle yogurt in mix berries. It smells amazingly goood! It doesn't have too much beads which is fine because I don't want my body to be scratched too much because of too many exfoliating beads. It does it's job perfectly while keeping my skin moisturized and fragrant for 30mins to 1 hour. Yes, the smell will lasts on the skin even after wiping off with towel.

I got another one in papaya which smells sweeter than a fresh papaya fruit. This also smells like candy. I got these two for php129.00, buy-one get-one promo. Isn't that great?!

Here's how it looks, massage in a circular motion to remove dead skin.

Next is the Aqua Vera Body wash. I use Carribean Dreams with the Glam works Raspberry Body Scrub. Carribean Dreams also has a sweet smell. It contains coconut, fresh pineapple and vanilla. The smell reminds me of Hi-C. Has anyone tried that? I remember that being my favorite juice when I was in grade school. I was excited to try this when I get home. It doesn't feel drying after wash unlike other body wash that has a squeaky clean effect. My skin feels soft, moisturized and smells sweet. I use this before the body scrub.

Another body wash I got is Secret Garden. It's scent is a mix of floral and cucumber. I love it! I'm gonna use it with the papaya body scrub. Got these two for php109.00.

I can't pick a favorite among these body scrubs and washes. I chose them because they smell amazing with an affordable price. They do their job of cleaning my body and making me feel fresh everyday. Who says we need an expensive product for bathtime? I plan to try the other scent but I have to finish all of these first.

Have you tried any items from Watsons? Tell me about your experience.

Contouring using ELF Blush and Bronzing Powder

Hi everyone! (a big cyber wave to all of you guys). I want to thank you all for continously reading my blog though I have not been posting for a few months now. I know, I know I owe a lot to you, I am very much excited to post new reviews and what not in my blog. So let me start of with a contour and blush powder duo.

I have been going back and forth to the ELF beauty counter asking myself if I should get it or not. Are you someone like me who's very pickle minded? I wanted it but then I was having a second thought so I didn't get it but after 2 days I see myself back at the counter checking and making swatches. Until the day finally come, I tried it on my face and guess what, not even a split second it's there inside my shopping bag.

This is being compared to the NARS blush and bronzer duo but I don't have the one from NARS so I can't compare them at this point.

I got the color in  St. Lucia, the name by the way is written on the back of the compact. It comes in a black packaging with the picture of what's inside on top and at the back are the Directions and Ingredients.


Inside it is a matte black compact, you open it and you'll see a big mirror which is very helpful if you will be applying make-up while travelling.


taken with flash


* Price (only php249.75 at SM Department store)
* neat and professional packaging
* nothing beats the amount of product for it's price (8grams)
*very good pigmentation
*easy to blend
*the color that I got looks beautiful on any skintone
*mirror is useful
*it's not tested on animals


- other people may be concern about the glitters which to me is not a big deal

Contouring with this one will make your face looks glowing because it has a little bit of shimmer, just a little that it goes off when blended very well. It has no hint of orange, just brown like how a contouring powder should be. Contour the edges of your face very lightly during the day or add more for a very defined look

The blush looks great if you want a natural look, dust it very lightly for a no make-up make-up look. Just a little will go a long way with this duo. It has gained a spot in my heart and in my make-up kit.

Thank you for reading ladies and I see you in my next post!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Avon Totally Kissable Lipstick in Berry Smooch Review

Hello there lovelies! Yes it is another lipstick shade from the Totally Kissable line of Avon. This time it's all about Berry Smooch.

I hope you read my review about the first shade that I bought which is Make Out Red. I love how that color instantly brightens my face and keeps my lips moisturized at the same time. I had a hard time deciding which shade to choose. I don't have a purple-ish lipstick yet, so getting might be a good idea. After half-a-day browsing Avons website I am finally fixed to Berry Smooch.

"Full coverage color infused with fruit enzymes and a blend of natural oils. For softer, smoother, fuller lips".

The color at the bottom of the packaging is helpful in identifying the color you want to use but it is not as intense as the real color of the lipstick. It has SPF 15 which is a great factor of buying this lippie especially this summer season.

The ingredients are listed on the packaging.

Without flash

with flash
L:one swipe;  R:Two Swipes
I'll describe it as a purple color with pink undertone. If you apply the color very thinly and spread it on your lips you will get a nice pinkish shade. But if you build up the color by applying more it will result in a dark plum shade.

 What I like:
 * It moisturizes my lips right after application. You may still use lip balm if you want to
* very pigmented. One swipe is enough to cover my lips
* the packaging looks classy unlike the usual black tube from Avon
* it smells sweet although other may not like it but it fades after a few seconds
* price (got it for php249 during sale)
* it has SPF which is a must to protect my lips
* true to its word. My lips were smoother, fuller and softer when I'm wearing this lipstick.
 *locally available at an avon dealer

What I don't like:
 - I can taste something whenever I lick the lipstick on my lips.
- it last for only 2-3 hours on me but it leaves a stain of color even after eating, re-application is a must though.

Although in my opinion Berry Smooch is not right the color for my skintone, I do not regret buying this. I may still be able to use it if I'll be attending a party or event at night. It can still work as an office or day lipcolor if you will blot your lips on a tissue paper upon application to remove the excess shine and make it thin. As I have said it is very pigmented even in one swipe.

 I am drinking a grape flavored juice while writting this post. I thought it would be fun to take a photo with the lipstick.

I'll see you again lovelies! Stay happy!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Fashion 21 Pink Obsession Lipstick

Hello everyone! Were you able to grab something during the 3 Days sale at some Malls? I've got myself some make-up that I will be sharing with you here on my blog. First of is the Fashion 21 Pink Obsession Lipstick.

I first saw this on Say Tioco's youtube account. I wanted to buy all of the shades because they were all pretty and pigmented but practicality struck me. I decided to get two shades to try.


Here is how the box looks. Yes it's pink. It comes in a pink tube, very feminine. I really like that it's pink. It added to the appeal of the lipstick, it somehow gives an idea that all of the colors in this range are pink. For php155 it's definitely value for money.

With Flash

Without flash L: Hot Diva R: Dream Girl

Left: One swipe Right: two swipes

Hot Diva is definitely the hottest color in this collection. It's pink with a red undertone it almost looks like fushia. I can wear this with a clean face, define brows and dark brown eyeshadows or a black smokey eye for a night look. It will catch the attention of anyone who see it.

Dream Girl is a nude pink. It's brown when you looking at the tube but it appears pink upon application on lips and when swatched. It reminds me of Ever Billena Matte Lipstick in Mauvey but this is more hydrating and has pink undertone. I wear this if I'm aiming for a natural/light make-up.

What I like:

* Packaging - it has a beautiful color and the tube looks a bit glossy not plain matte
* Price - it's inexpensive but value for your money
* Color pay-off - very pigmented
* Staying power - lasts for 5 hours without re-touching
* doesn't feel heavy on the lips
* no scent at all
* My lips doesn't dry even without lip balm
* Colors in this collection are beautiful.

What I Don't Like


Wheather you want a natural looking lips, a pink or a hot pink lips you've got it all with Fashion 21 Pink Obsession Lipstick. They're moisturizing, pigmented and inexpensive.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Ellana Mineral Blush in Fulfillment

Hello lovelies! I went to the doctor today with my little baby for a flu vaccine. We've been having humid weather this week and it's the time of the year when many will get vaccinated to prevent various kinds of viruses that could be trasferred thru air. Remember, prevention is better than cure :)

For todays post I will be reviewing one of the few blushes I have in my collection. Do you have any item that you've been keeping but took it for granted because you have other stuff to be finish? Well I do., I've had this blush for over a year but just occasionally use it because I have other blushes to use. Until I saw it again in my make-up kit looking at me, begging me to use it.

With flash

Without flash
I got this blush from Ellana Mineral Cosmetics. I put my ordered online, paid for the item plus the shipping fee thru GCash then my products were delivered within 3 business days. It was an easy and fast transaction. I also credit Ellana because they give free simples, you just have to pay for the shipment. It's a great way of testing the product if it suits your skin or not.

I have this in color called Fullfillment, it is described as "watermelon peach with gold satin finish".

without flash

with flash
Fulfillment is often described as a dupe for Nars orgasm, I have both. Let me show you the swatches side by side.

With flash: R- Nars Orgasm L- Fulfillment

Without flash: R- Nars Orgasm L- Fulfillment
As you can see Nars is more on the peach side with noticeable gold shimmers while Fulfillment on the other hand has more pink undertone with gold satin finish. The golden color is less noticeable in Fulfillment. Without the heavy gold shimmer in Nars they would somehow look the same. You can check my full review here on Nars Orgasm.

The staying power is pretty good. I put my blush at 10am then check myself in the mirror just after 3pm. It is still noticeable that I have blush on although my face looks very oily ( I have extremely oily face). A little goes a loong-loong way in this blush. I apply it with a light hand because it's very pigmented. Too much product on the brush would make it hard to blend. It is easier to add that to remove with this product. Sometimes it gets a bit messy to apply because it comes in powder form but kudos to Ellana for including a sifter in the packaging.

Ellana currently has an ongoing sale on blushes and powders. The regular price for this is 120php per 1 gram and 180php for 2.5g.

Here is how it looks on my skin.

Thank you all guys for continously reading my blogs even if my english sucks sometimes but it really keeps me going when I see more of your comments. See you all again in my next post. Byeee! (waving)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Nichido Foundation Stick

During my recent trip to the mall I have included some Nichido items on my purchases. Nichido has been one of the brands I trust when it comes to affordable-local make-up. I have used some Nichido products before and liked them. It is not the best product when it comes to staying power but with how cheap the product is I wouldn't mind applying for the whole day.

Another Nichido item exceeded my expectation. It is the Nichido Foundation Stick. I'll be reviewing the color Beige because it suits my skintone perfectly well.

Let me show you the swatches first.

Beige - with flash

Beige - without flash
It looks lighter than my skin tone but when perfectly blended it wouldn't leave a trace that I have anything on my face.

Bare face

I put the foundation directly from the stick. I put it on my forehead, nose, cheek and chin. Blend it well using my fingers. You can use a brush but I think my fingers does the job perfectly.

With foundation on
 It instantly remove light blemishes on my face and gives an even skintone. It doesn't feel heavy after application, I didn't feel the need to apply a face powder because it gives a nice dewy finish but to make it last longer I applied a little amount of face powder. It doesn't have a mattifying effect, I would advise applying powder if you have really oily skin.

With foundation and face powder
What I like:

*Light to Medium coverage, can hide blemishes and pimple marks
* Dewy finish but not sticky
* The shade suits my skintone perfectly
* Price Php150.00 for 9ml of product
* locally available (watsons and SM department store)

What I don't Like:

- Smell, it smells like Chingchung-Su
- Packaging is flimsy. It kinda loose when I twistedit.
- it doesn't stay long about 2-3 hours with blotting powder

If you are looking for light to medium coverage foundation at an affordable price and staying power is not a big deal then you should give this foundation stick a try. Although this will work better on person with normal to dry skin I will still use it at home or if I'll go out to get some groceries. Staying power can be extended by blotting with oil control film and applying powder. It started to oil up on me after 2 hours but I didn't mind because I like the dewy effect.

I don't love it but don't hate it either. It is an ok product for me if you are on a budget but still want to have an even toned skin. For its price and beautiful finish you're money wouldn't go to waste.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

A review on Fashion21 Aqualicious Lipstick

Hello lovelies! I just came home because we went to Malolos Bulacan to attend a Christening of one of our friends' baby. I had fun especially my son because there were kids all around and he gets to play with other kids. I want him to grow up as a sociable and friendly person.

So today I'll be reviewing one of the items from my February make-up haul. It is the Fashion 21 Aqualicious Moisture-Rich lipstick in Little Mermaid. I thought Little Mermaid is a cute name in a lipstick, isn't it? I got it from Watsons for Php155.00 per 4g tube.

When I bought it, I told the SA that I will give it to my sister but when I tried it on using a tester, I immediately had a second thought. I still called my sister and told her about my new find. It comes in a blue packaging which is appealing to high school and college students who are experimenting with make-up. I also find the design on the box refreshing, it looks like water splashes. It reminds me of the beach and the waves whenever I look at it.

The ingredients are listed on the box but I don't recognize any of those.

The color that I got, Little Mermaid is a pretty pink color with peach undertone. The SA told me that this is their bestseller among this line. Why not? It's pink, it's opaque and really affordable. Even the staying power is pretty good for a moisturizing lipstick.

without flash
with flash
It stayed on my lips for four hours and kept its color until I eat. It leaves a stain on my lips after eating. My lips doesn't feel dry when the color was gone and I didn't notice any taste on my lips unlike other lipstick that leaves an unpleasant taste.

Right: one swipe; Left: two swipes
I recommend this to college students who loves to experiment with make-up. The color may be flashy at first but anyone can pull this color off even morena skinned individual. It can be an office lipstick as well just don't over apply, one swipe is enough to cover the lips, it is very pigmented with no unpleasant taste or smell.

Here's a picture of me wearing Little mermaid.

That's my baby boy there on my back. I told him to smile but he loves making faces haha. That's it for now. See you all again ladies in my next post.