Thursday, June 27, 2013

New Bath Companion from Watsons

Who doesn't love taking a bath? I live in the Philippines where it's very humid and the temperature can go up to 60 degree Celsius or even higher during summer. I have bath-time essentials which I use on a daily basis. I just recently run-out of my favorite body wash from The body shop, I first thought of buying new ones from Daiso just to give it a try but I decided to check Watson's first. I know they have body essentials like lotion, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, hand soap and even mouthwash at a very reasonable price. Some items are on Buy-one Get-one promo.

Watson's carry a lot of different products from head to toe. I have tried their mouthwash and Hair Spa. I must say that they work perfectly the same as the other brands with a higher price tag because of the expensive commercials and advertisements. My husband and I still use their mouthwash until now.

Here are my new bath-time companion from Watson's.

I currently use this deep moisturizing body scrub in raspberry. I love its smell, it's like a mix of raspberry and strawberry. This reminds of Nestle yogurt in mix berries. It smells amazingly goood! It doesn't have too much beads which is fine because I don't want my body to be scratched too much because of too many exfoliating beads. It does it's job perfectly while keeping my skin moisturized and fragrant for 30mins to 1 hour. Yes, the smell will lasts on the skin even after wiping off with towel.

I got another one in papaya which smells sweeter than a fresh papaya fruit. This also smells like candy. I got these two for php129.00, buy-one get-one promo. Isn't that great?!

Here's how it looks, massage in a circular motion to remove dead skin.

Next is the Aqua Vera Body wash. I use Carribean Dreams with the Glam works Raspberry Body Scrub. Carribean Dreams also has a sweet smell. It contains coconut, fresh pineapple and vanilla. The smell reminds me of Hi-C. Has anyone tried that? I remember that being my favorite juice when I was in grade school. I was excited to try this when I get home. It doesn't feel drying after wash unlike other body wash that has a squeaky clean effect. My skin feels soft, moisturized and smells sweet. I use this before the body scrub.

Another body wash I got is Secret Garden. It's scent is a mix of floral and cucumber. I love it! I'm gonna use it with the papaya body scrub. Got these two for php109.00.

I can't pick a favorite among these body scrubs and washes. I chose them because they smell amazing with an affordable price. They do their job of cleaning my body and making me feel fresh everyday. Who says we need an expensive product for bathtime? I plan to try the other scent but I have to finish all of these first.

Have you tried any items from Watsons? Tell me about your experience.


  1. Wow, I'm so happy that I have found your blog! I live in Istanbul, Turkey, and we have Watsons here too! I never know what to buy there, so many things look interesting, but I don't know any of the brands or products :) I have never seen the products you mentioned in that post, so probably there are some differences in what Watsons sell in different countries, but I will follow your site to see if you find anything interesting (and then I will go to the Turkish Watsons and hope to find it too ;) )

    kisses from Istanbul!

  2. Thank you Olga! Maybe watsons have different brands sold in countries. The body wash were from turkey, hope you find them there, they smell amazing.