Monday, June 18, 2012

My take on the NARS Orgasm Blush

Hello pretty ladies! It's the second day of the week. I hope you're all enjoying every little things in life.

Today, I want to show you one of my favorite blush. Well, I don't really have a lot because I tend to buy the same color every time I look for another one but this one I'm sticking with.

The NARS Orgasm has been a cult favorite. I was so sold about the reviews of Make-up gurus on youtube and make-up blogs which made me decide to have this for myself. I've had this blush for over a year but this doesn't look like I'm near hitting the pan, I don't use it everyday though. Sure for this blush a little goes a long way!

It comes in a black packaging with the four letter word N-A-R-S written on top which I like. It looks professional and clean. Since I bought this product, I didn't remove it in it's original box that's why it doesn't accumulate dirt.

It has a mirror inside which I rarely use. I still want to use a bigger mirror where I can see my face and the whole make-up but honestly it's usable if you're someone whose always on the go and holding another mirror for blush application is not an option.

Here's a picture of the blush taken under artificial light. The natural light in my balcony tend to wash-off the color that's why I didn't add it here. I put three swipe on the back of my hand to show the full color on picture. See that gold shimmer there? I thought I'd be mindful of that but when you put just the right amount, say one or two swipe on your cheek, it would look natural and just blushing. The color lasted 6 hours on me but I work in an air-conditioned room which might help the color stay put.

A peachy-pink color with gold shimmer.

Here's another picture with one swipe without flash.

Even with just one swipe the color is enough to be seen. Basically, I am satisfied with how this give me a nice flush of color on my cheeks without making me look like a clown. 

So ladies, tell me your thoughts on Orgasm, whether you’ve tried it or not. Let me know!

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