Friday, March 9, 2012

My other addiction: Prima Donna SHOES!

Hi guys! How have you been doing? I've had a really good week and I feel excited for the weekend. Not because something special is happening but because I'll be able to show the new pairs of shoes that I bought yesterday.

Me and my husband were walking around the mall to see where we can eat until I saw the new arrival sign at Prima Donna. They also have a promo, if you'll buy two shoes you'll pay 50% off for the second one. Realy good deal especially because this shoes have just stayed in their store for 2 days.

I didn't think twice, I went inside to check what I could get, because I really have plan of buying new shoes I told my husband that I'll be getting two pairs. I decided to look for something comfortable but not out of fashion. Knowing Prima Donna's new trend and style nowadays, I wasn't disappointed. I have other primma donna shoes which I bought two or three years ago and they still look good.

I tried different styles and was able to choose four. It was hard for me to decide which I would keep. But I went for something that I can wear while commuting from home to the office and which has a neutral color that I can pair with anything. Here are my picks. Each shoes cost P1,199.95 affordability and style together, who wouldn't like?

Right: Gray piptoe wedge Left: Round-toe platform wedge  

More pictures...

I hope you like them. What's your favorite shoes?


  1. My very first Primadonna pair is a 5-inch nude peep toe heels with a strap on the ankle, and it's only under P1000! Great brand!

  2. Yes I love primadonna! Have you seen their new collection?