Sunday, April 15, 2012

A new Make-up Taincase. Yey!

Hello pretty girls! I'm happy to show you my make-up collection and how I arranged them in my train-case. I have been looking for an affordable yet with good quality make-up train-case. I have asked people where to find an affordable yet classy one and most of them directed me to Quiapo. They say there are lots of stores there selling Salon stuffs including train boxes. I have planned to go there with my husband but soon changed my mind. They say prices would range from 1,500Php-3,000Php depending on the size and kind. I thought that it's going to be a good buy considering the price of train-case nowadays if you'll buy it from the malls. I have also checked mall prices and they range from 3,000Php-4,000Php for a smaller size but they have really good quality and the designs are to die for. But then, since I still plan to go to make-up school and use the train-case for my personal needs a cheaper one would still be a good alternative. I checked online for a train-case seller until I found one from She has different kind of make-up boxes and the prices are reasonable. When she told me that the item that I'm eyeing for is available I didn't have a second thought, I decided to get it the following day. I don't want the item to be shipped to avoid it being dropped and I also want to see it personally before I pay for it. Here are some photo's of my make up collection and how I arranged them in my traincase.

I put lipsticks, lipgloss and lipliner on the 1st tray. The secod tray is where you'll find eyeshadows, eyeliners and mascara. On the third tray are the cream and powder blushes. The inner portion is where I put foundations, bronzers, powders and other stuff.

This only cost 2,200Php.

Here's how it looks when closed.

You would notice that I didn't put my brushes yet. It's just that I don't feel like putting the brushes in there yet because they have a comfortable house. Below is where I keep my make-up brushes.

Sorry about the uncleaned blush brush. I swear I'd clean it this week haha.

I hope this is something that interest you. Thanks for reading!


  1. Oooh traincases are so expensive! I don't have one. Lucky you!

  2. Yes they are expensive! I'm just so excited to finally have my own. Thanks!