Saturday, July 28, 2012

Aido Classic Lipstick Review

Hello pretty ladies! Have you heard before about the local brand called Aido? I used to call it "I do" just because I want to make fun of myself and that makes the brand sounds a little bit more interesting hihihi.
I was checking Fashion 21 cosmetics because I needed to buy new powder foundation. I noticed the lipsticks from Aido sitting there on Fashion 21 stall, that's when I realized they don't have their own. I swatched some of the colors specifically the pink ones because I'm looking for another pink lipstick and the color that I want from Maybelline is not yet available here in the Philippines. Instead of just swatching pinks I found myself checking as well the other shades but I ended up buying the shades N, K and B. It  doesn't sound good when lipsticks are named by letters, don't you think?

The packaging looks like the old packaging of a lipstick that my Mom used to wear but it doesn't look cheap to me at all, in fact it reminds me Models Own lipstick. It's a transparent plastic with the tip of the lipstick peeking over the top, so I should be careful in closing it or else I might damage the tip. It glides smoothly and doesn't feel dry on my lips but I always put lip-balm before application. The ingredients are written on the tube as well as the manufacturing date.Take note that it has vitamin E that helps moisturize the lips. Though I can smell plastic when you put your nose really near but not when applying them. The smell is the same as the other local brand of lipstick that I know.

To tell you honestly, I was hesitant to buy these at first. I even ask the seller if it would darken my lips, she told me it won't... Sorry SA I was just being paranoid :)

Going back, K is a an opaque pink with a little bit of shimmer but almost not noticeable. It can brighten up my face with just two swipes. I think it would suit medium to light skin tone. If you want to wear it during the day, one swipe is enough because more than that is too much for a day look. It's a party color for me. Lip swatch below.

One swipe using K
The other color B is a shimmery pink. It's a doll pink with noticeable shimmer on it. It wears very frosty. My sister told me that it's hard to notice that I'm wearing lipstick on this shade because of the light reflecting shimmer and it has very light color, I can almost see the original color of my lips.

One swipe using B
N on the other hand is a peachy pink. It's opaque, one swipe will give the exact color on the tube. It will suit any skintone. My sister, who has darker skin than me also bought this shade and she likes it as much as I do.
One swipe using N

What do you think is my favorite shade?

I listed what I like and dislike on this product. Hope it helps.


* Pigmented - one swipe is enough to get the shade on the tube
* Price - 50Php per tube (beat that!)
*not drying on lips
*it has vitamin E
*lasting power (3-4 hours without eating)


-settles on fine lines
-has a plastic smell
-feels a bit heavy on the lips
-few color to choose from (less than 15 shades)

Have you tried Aido lipstick?


  1. I love the one in N! Nice blog! Follow me back? ;)

    1. I love it too! Thanks for the follow, I followed you back.

  2. I've never tried Aido (well I never heard of it actually :p), but the colours look really pigmented. They look good on you^^ Thank you for following me, followed you now :) X

  3. It's a local brand, you can see them at Watsons and SM department stores. Thanks for folowing my blog!