Monday, July 30, 2012

Utility box from Daiso

Hello ladies! It's been raining like cats and dogs, I hope all of you are safe wherever you are.

Yesterday, my husband told me that we're going to Walter-mart to pick-up some items in Abenson. I knew Walter-mart has Daiso which sells products from Japan at a lower price, so right then and there I thought about my lipstick because they needed a new home.

We arrived in Walter-mart at 7pm, after checking few appliances and getting our items, we went out and I headed straight to Daiso which is just a few walks away. I checked few items but couldn't find what I was looking for until I saw this mini drawer standing on the back with the utility tools. I grabbed it right away, the size is just perfect for lip products and other stuff.

I got it for 88Php which is the same price with most of the products they're selling. It has three compartments where you can store your make-up or household stuff. I'm actually thinking of getting one for my Mom, she can use it to keep her sewing threads, pins and needles. Definitely a multifunctional product.

It is now located on my side table so I can easily reach for it when I am doing my make-up. I put eyeliner, lipliner and other items for the eyes and lips inside the top drawer.

Most of my lipsticks are inside the second drawer. You won't see my Nyx lipstick there because they are in the refrigerator! Yes, I put them there to prevent melting, though it's been raining this past few days.

You can find my foundations, primer, concealer and other face products on the 3rd drawer. I used to keep them in a small pouch from Tomato, I'm so happy because they still fit perfectly in this box :)

Now that's where I store my lipstick. Do you have a separate compartment for you lipstick or are they inside your make-up box? Let me know in the comment box below, I'd like to know where else we can keep them.

Till my next post!

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