Sunday, August 19, 2012

Ecotools Bamboo Bronzer Brush Review

Hello ladies! It's a "feel good Monday" and I'm sure I'm gonna start my week right. We'll be going to the mall later for the regular hair cut of Adam.

I love make-up brushes. It hasn't been too long since I learned how to use brush in applying make-up and now I am building my collection. I don't have a lot but I have few pieces that I need for personal use. I am also thinking of buying a set that I can use when I go to make-up school. Is there anything you recommend? I am eyeing on Sigma Mrs. Bunny Collection but I still want to read more review about it's performance.

The package that I’ve been waiting for has arrived. Inside it are Eco-tools Bronzer Brushes, I have loved them since I lay my eyes on them. I’ve seen good reviews about Eco-tools brushes before and I’ve wanted to buy one or maybe two to try but they’re not easy to get. Most of them are being sold online for a higher price. I learned about the Eco-tools Bamboo Bronzer brush from Julia of Bless My Bag. I immediately checked the link that she gave and made an order.

The brush comes in a reusable/resealable pouch. The pouch doesn’t look cheap. They actually managed to sew a small cloth with Eco-tools logo on top of the plastic which I really appreciated. Believe me, not all companies would think of adding that small details. However, because the brush is big and dense I have a hard time taking it out of the pouch. It would have been better if they put the zip-lock on the side instead of on top. I feel that I’m destroying the brush whenever I take it out.

The handle is made of bamboo it’s also bigger than other regular brushes, I’d say it’s more than an inch in diameter but that doesn’t make make-up application uneasy. The ferule is made of recycled aluminum while the bristles are made of soft taklon. I’ve been using it since I got it, it’s still very soft even if there’s product build up.

It shreds one or two pieces of hairs on the first time that I used it with liquid foundation and it still shreds one hair when I used it with powder. I think I have lost 6 hairs from the time it was used. It didn’t bleed when washed but it takes almost two days to completely dry which is the downside of it's density. Did I say it feels very soft on the skin? This is the softest brush I’ve ever had so far compared to other brushes I have.

It is also dense which is good if you want to use it with liquid foundation. I’ve used it as well with BB Cream, it works perfectly for both. It makes the application easier and the products look even on my skin. Most of the time, I use it for powder because I bring it to the office for that purpose. It’s a multi-tasker! Whether you use it for foundation, powder or body bronzer I think it will work perfectly.

I love this brush and I will definitely repurchase other eco-tools brush.

Check this link for the ebay seller.  Take care everyone!



  1. nice review!
    i finally opened and made my first blog posts after my long needed break, i apologize for my late response..
    Thank you so much for your sweet compliment ^^
    Hope to see you around and keep in touch!
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