Sunday, August 26, 2012

My first day as a full-time Wife

Happy Sunday guys! Have been busy around lately because of some stuffs I have to take care of before I leave the company that I worked with. Yes! I have rendered more than 30 days to take care of everything for a smooth transition. Now I am ready to take new home that is!

So yesterday was my sisters birthday, although I am not with her to celebrate I made a dish that I don't usually cook at home to make the day a little bit speacial. I wanted to make white spaghetti but I realized that I cooked a lot of rice so more carbs from spaghetti could be too much.

I got this recipe from Liz of Project Vanity so this is not my original. You can check the link to see how she make it step by step. I used 1 kilo of beef for this and adjusted the ingredients to suit my taste.

I wanted to show you some pictures of it while I’m cooking. I like this recipe, it is tasty and easy to prepare but the cooking time would be more than an hour especially if you will cook more than half a kilo like I did. I promise to make more of this because my husband and my son love it too. I might include this recipe in our weekly dish.

Combine the ingredients

Mix, mix, mix!


Fry the other side :)
Serve with vegetables or side dish
Best served with Mushroom Gravy
 I hope you'll try it. Happy eating!

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