Saturday, August 18, 2012

Party Like a Rockstar!

Hello guys! It's gonna be a long weekend and I'm sure most of you are headed for a nice vacation. Keep safe and hope you all enjoy "winks".

So for this post, I won't be making a review. I will be showing pictures of my team when we had our 2Q Town hall at Tempura Grill in Makati. Here are the photos.
They are few of my colleagues. From left: Clarke, Lervie, April, Me and Melissa. Melissa won the best dressed female for our theme Glam-Rock. I like her cut-out sleeves and her braided hair.

The team with one of the boys Mark.

Here we have the bosses. Almost all of our bosses are men.
Sorry for the plastic bags. We're about to go home but we decided to take more pictures. Most of our foods were not eaten because we're busy taking pics and watching some performances, we bring it to the office and consumed everything.

This is Jake and Me. He won the Best Dressed Male, I think you know why by now. Don't worry, he doesn't look like that in person. He always has the weirdest make-up!

Taking the certificate Yey!
More photos...

Me with Boss Kurt our Deputy Project Executive. He is the most down-to-earth boss I've ever met. I hope I could work with him again.

I'll be spending my last week with this team. I'm sad that I'll be leaving but hopefully I'll meet all of them again.

Before I leave the house picture muna.
I decided to focus on my eye make-up. I used gold eyeshadows from Dollface Cosmetics for this look.

So that's it for the post. I hope you like it. Thanks for reading and See you next time!

JOY :)

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