Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Biggest decision in my Life

Hello lovelies! It's been raining since last week, most of the areas in Metro Manila and up North are in State of Calamity. I and my family are lucky because the village where we live is higher than the rest of the area here in Bulacan but other villages near us are flooded. Let's pray that this rain will stop and we'll see the sunshine again.

Yes I wanted to share that I have made one of the biggest decisions in my life. If you read my post in  May you probably know that I was hospitalized, because of that my husband wants me to rest for a while and take it as an opportunity to take care of our only son.

Hi I'm Adam. I'm mommy's little Man :)
This is one of the toughest decision that I have to make for myself. I have been working since I graduated from college. I admit I'm not ready yet to just stay home not  doing anything aside from household stuffs. I also love preparing myself, getting ready for work, do my make-up and the like. I'm very much used to my everyday routine so I didn't know how to cope if I resign.

After thinking about it for two months I finally gave my resignation letter last month which is effective on August 23. I am now rendering 30 days notice to my company and enjoying each day with my colleagues. We are supposed to  have our anniversary party tonight but re-scheduled it next week it because of the heavy rain.

On the lighter side, I will have more time to blog and make reviews. Instead of being sad because I will be out of work I feel so much excited that at last I can take care of my baby for the whole day feed him, change his clothes, give him a bath and teach him a lot of other things like write, read and count although he knows how to count from one to ten. He's 2 years old and we're getting ready to bring him to a play school next year. We're so much blessed for having Adam. He's a bright child, very sweet and easy to take care of. He's a happy baby, he doesn't cry a lot and he understands at his early age so I'm very excited.

Watch out for more reviews guys and I'll see you in my next post.

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