Wednesday, August 29, 2012

When I play with eyeshadows - Silver, Gray and Black

Hello everyone! Weekend is fast approaching, who's up for a weekend sale? I am! I don't have anything in mind to but but I want to visit malls to see what I can get. There might be something I need that's on sale but again I'm not sure yet "laughs".

Ok...enough of the mall thing. I haven't used gray and black eyeshadows in my usual office/day make-up. I don't know, I just feel a bit uncomfortable wearing them especially if the color is very pigmented. I guess I was afraid to have a big panda eye!

Today, because I'm not going anywhere and I can remove my make-up anytime, I decided to be more creative with my make-up. I tried some silver and gray eyeshadows with a little bit of black. I thought I just want to see how it looks on me then erase it afterwards but I decided to make a full face.

I didn't have any inspiration for making this look but I was thinking of catwoman after I applied the eyeshadows and while lining my eyes. Here's the final look.

The eyeshadow look a little blue here, maybe that's because of ther lighting.

Just wanted to see how it looks with red lipstick.
I used pink lipstick to make the eye color stand-out

I hope to make a tutorial soon so watch out for that. For now, I'll just be posting some FOTD's. Thank you all for reading my blog I really do appreciate it.

See you in my next post. Muah!


  1. great post, looking forward to see your tutorials :D
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